2013 Dec 08 Grimoire is Open Sourced entreposeur music html5
2013 Dec 07 Ukelele Grimoire music entreposeur math html5
2013 Nov 28 Paleo, Peat, Ketogenic/Atkins, 80-10-10 fruitarian, Lustig, Taubes, Ornish, etc health diet
2013 Nov 21 The Biggest Problem with is that it is not Open Source healthcare politics
2013 Nov 19 Should I Eat Flax Seed health diet
2013 Nov 16 Added dietary gelatin for jumping kook's health diet
2013 Nov 15 Single server with Django, uWSGI, NGINX and Varnish using Ansible varnish ansible ec2 uwsgi django nginx ubuntu
2011 Dec 14 Use Python to Store Data from Twitter's Streaming API in MongoDB data streaming twitter
2011 Aug 27 Solution to 36 cube using Python's batteries in a naive and brutish manner. combinatorics discrete puzzle python
2011 Jan 09 Wherein the inner workings of the DeathStarWidget are revealed presentation logic widgets django forms html
2011 Jan 05 Twisted Python ManholeInterpreter in the browser with html5, WebSockets, localStorage html5 localstorage python twisted txbeatlounge websocket
2010 Dec 30 Django template filter to find if all members of an iterable have a certain attr django django-template filter
2010 Dec 29 Django SQL logging middleware django logging orm sql
2010 Dec 27 Django: Log the traceback for production and ajax, Show Django's Error Page when not in DEBUG, email ADMINS ajax django exception logging middleware
2010 Nov 28 Aluminum in the Vaccine Schedule Recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics numberwang python vaccine health aluminum epidemiology
2010 Nov 07 Home Depot No Payments, No Interest Credit Card Ruined by Consumer Protection Act? politics
2010 Oct 26 Django AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'label' django forms
2010 Sep 16 Django process_exception to log tracebacks and debug debugging django middleware
2010 Sep 14 Django OrderedManyToManyField django python
2010 Aug 19 Fresh air, stale on browsers and web technology
2010 Jul 18 A space-separated list of HTML tags for Django template defaultfilters removetags defaultfilters django-template html removetags
2010 Jul 07 See the attributes of a variable in Django Templates django-template
2010 Jun 08 Javascript Introspection in 90 seconds. instrospection javascript tutorial
2010 May 09 Instantiate a class by calling it with a dirty dictionary b/c you are using Django with some substandard API api django hack python
2010 Apr 29 Remove insignificant whitespace from xml string with Python lxml python usps xml
2010 Apr 13 Reset Django Password Manually: algo$salt$hash auth.user django
2010 Mar 21 Add urls to your django sitemap that require two objects django sitemap
2010 Mar 19 Discrete Math - 2 - Permutations, ordered arrangements discrete math mathematics python
2010 Mar 19 Fundamental Principles of Counting - 1 - Rules of Product and Sum math mathematics discrete
2010 Mar 16 Apple allows sign up for iTunes membership and emails at without confirming registration apple
2010 Feb 13 Moving back from the development versions of Django, pre-1.2 and Pinax, pre-0.9. Back to 1.1.1 and 0.7.1 respectively. django django-1.2 pinax pinax-0.9
2010 Feb 11 Python, does this string have spaces? Tabs, newlines? python strings
2010 Feb 10 Django-tagging doesn't require documentation django django.contrib.contenttypes django-tagging pinax
2010 Feb 09 Remove links that point to the current page with jQuery javascript jquery
2010 Feb 05 ipython shell for debugging debugging ipython pdb python
2010 Jan 20 String format two decimal places in python (money) decimal money python string formatting
2010 Jan 16 using bpython with django and pinax bpython django interactive interpreter pinax
2010 Jan 12 Django test client: state, session, login, nice django django.test.client testing
2010 Jan 11 Subclass django. forms. widgets. RadioFieldRenderer and django. forms. widgets. RadioSelect for custom rendering of individual choices django forms radioselect widgets
2010 Jan 06 Email auth in django, email_re moved again bleeding edge django
2010 Jan 05 Use to browse the test coverage for your django project django python testing
2009 Dec 24 Non-threadsafe libs, (geodjango-geos-proj), move from apache2 worker, threaded server, to prefork on ubuntu apache apache2-mpm-prefork apache2-mpm-worker geodjango httpd mod_wsgi threading
2009 Dec 19 Running postgresql 8.4 on ubuntu karmic koala with postgis 1.4.1, geodjango geodjango karmic koala postgis postgres ubuntu ubuntu-9.10
2009 Dec 03 git: move master branch to a new name and then checkout a remote branch to be master. git git-branch git-checkout pinax
2009 Dec 02 git: remove something from version control but leave it on the filesystem git .gitignore git-rm management
2009 Dec 01 Speeding up data insertion in CouchDB bisection couchdb python
2009 Nov 30 Dynamic arguments using dictionaries for Python functions arguments dictionary dynamic functions python
2009 Nov 27 In Python, do tuples have methods that lists don't have? Yes, __getnewargs__. array builtins list python tuple
2009 Nov 26 Burn an (ubuntu) .iso to compact disk from the command line cdrecord .iso ubuntu
2009 Nov 24 Find out how much disk space your folders are using from the linux command line bash command line linux ubuntu
2009 Nov 19 Bring the production postgres db back to your dev machine (using some Django niceties) django postgres psql
2009 Nov 18 My first CouchDB cluster attempt. clustering couchdb replication
2009 Nov 12 After recordmydesktop, use bash and mencoder to batch process quality screencasts on ubuntu - Ogg/Theora/Vorbis to flash video bash flash flv mencoder ogv ubuntu
2009 Nov 10 Simple Reduce in CouchDB couchdb javascript json map reduce
2009 Nov 09 Dumping data to CouchDB couchdb couchdbkit python sqlite
2009 Nov 09 Nested git repositories with github using submodule (in three minutes) detached head git github git-submodule nested repositories pinax
2009 Oct 30 Prettifying the Django Administration UI - a simple guide css django html python
2009 Oct 26 Django Error: cannot import name MyModel circular import circular import django modules python
2009 Oct 26 Installing CouchDB on Mac OS X couchdb erlang mac os x
2009 Oct 25 Generate a unique filename for Django FileField, ImageField, etc django filename unique uploads
2009 Oct 21 Change the default editor in ubuntu to vim and never see nano again editors nano ubuntu vim
2009 Oct 20 What version of postgis am I running? geodjango postgis postgres
2009 Oct 20 Django-haystack with whoosh or xapian, get around the LockErrors for a site with significant traffic django haystack search whoosh xapian
2009 Oct 18 Backing up a postgres database bash postgres sql
2009 Oct 17 Django-threadedcomments with restructured text and pygments for syntax-highlighting in pinax django pinax pygments rest threadedcomments
2009 Oct 14 Running pinax on tornadoweb django pinax tornado
2009 Oct 11 typical wsgi script for django project with some path hacking django os python path wsgi script
2009 Oct 09 lambda list comprehension, python functional craft lambda list comprehension pyfacebook python
2009 Oct 09 Sorting facebook friends into categories based on your django database code django facebook pyfacebook python